Adepto Partners Announces Launch as a New Management Consulting Firm

We are proud to announce the launch of Adepto Partners, a new type of management consulting firm. 

Adepto Partners only hires and deploys advisors with multiple years of experience, offering flexible and customized engagements. Our clients are private equity firms and management teams across a wide range of industries. We advise on mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, and strategy execution.

Experienced Team at the Core

At Adepto Partners, we redefine the consulting experience by hiring only experienced advisors from top-tier management consultancies. The founding team, all with a background from McKinsey, includes:

  • Timmy Andersson: Over a decade of experience as an advisor and corporate leader – he has spent most of his career at McKinsey, focusing on creating lasting through strategy and M&A advice. Most recently, he has led the Swedish real estate financing company Bosam 

  • Richard Sunnegårdh: Has focused his entire career on corporate strategy and M&A – started his career at McKinsey, before pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School. Mostly recently, he independently advised private equity funds and hedge funds in M&A

  • Isak Rohlin: Started his career at McKinsey, working with M&A and corporate strategy, after which he joined Spotify to lead a strategy function. Most recently, he spent time as an operator at Swedish real estate financing company Bosam
Expertise and Approach: Industry Knowledge Enhanced by Technology

We support management teams and their owners, working across a broad range of industries with mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, and strategy execution. Our internal network of industry experts provides deep knowledge and hands-on experience.

Our methods are built on top-tier consulting methods, but with enhanced flexibility and tailored approaches. By deploying experienced consultants equipped with Generative AI tools, we maximize quality and productivity. And without the overhead costs of global firms, we deliver superior value. 

For more information about Adepto Partners and our services, please visit or contact us directly at 

Adepto Partners AB, Strandvägen 7A, 114 56, Stockholm