Our Approach

A top-tier consulting experience – but better tailored to your needs, whilst providing superior value

Founded on top-tier consulting methods but with enhanced flexibility and transparency. By deploying experienced consultants equipped with generative AI tools, we maximize quality and productivity. And without the overhead costs of global firms, we deliver superior value for money. 

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What sets us apart

High degree of productivity

We maximize team productivity. Firstly, we only hire experienced consultants – and they are the most productive members of a team. Moreover, since they do not have to train people fresh out of university, they can spend more time making an impact on your company. Finally, we utilize generative AI tools to maximize productivity.

Full transparency and involvement

Our process puts the client first. We strive to deploy the same team members across projects, strengthening relationships and collaboration. We collaborate closely with clients according to their preferences and ensure transparency throughout the process. For example, we can use daily iterations, share foundational research and expert calls, and fully align on market models throughout the project. 

Tailored and flexible processes

We adjust our working style to meet the needs of our clients. Project deliverables are customized to client needs, including format (slides or memo), using client templates, creating investment committee materials. Finally, the project process is flexible and adaptive, including longer project timelines, additional workshops, or pauses within projects to digest materials and insights.

Superior value and aligned incentives

We provide better value for money by removing the large overhead costs of global firms, whilst offering the highest possible quality by hiring experienced consultants from renowned management consulting firms. Moreover, we commonly co-invest with clients on a case-by-case basis – aligning incentives and removing the potential for positive bias.