AI Meets Consultancy: Adepto leverages Grasp’s AI Assistant for Target Outreach with 33% Intro Meeting Conversion

Grasp is an AI assistant for finance professionals that automates manual research and analysis. For example, the tool can be used to generate lists of M&A targets or buyers and automate market research.


Adepto recently leveraged Grasp to support one of Canada’s largest companies. Based on the specified requirements, Grasp was used to efficiently identify a long list of more than 400 relevant companies in North America. The list also contained relevant information such as financial metrics, number of employees, products and services offered, which was used to create a short-list of 100 companies for cold outreach – contact information to relevant stakeholders was also provided. Adepto assisted in reaching out to all the short-listed companies (up to 10 touchpoints with each target company) to schedule introduction meetings to the client’s M&A team. The project resulted in 33% conversion to actual meetings with the Canadian company – significantly higher than industry standard. Adepto also supported in creating a data pack with the most useful information on the target companies as a basis for the meetings.


Adepto typically leverages Grasp’s AI Assistant in a myriad of different client engagements where market information and competitive overview are required. It enables significantly higher efficiency and accuracy of data for clients served in most strategy and M&A settings. Use cases include instant generation of helpful data on market size, growth, and trends, along with a comprehensive list and information on competitors.


We’re pleased to hear that Grasp’s AI Assistant enables Adepto to support clients with the full M&A toolkit – from identifying the most relevant targets to making warm introductions. By combining exceptional people with our AI Assistant, Adepto can deliver better results more efficiently.”

–  Johan Cederqvist Devér, Chairman & Co-founder Grasp

About Adepto Partners

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